Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book update

They have now finalized the book cover and they say it will go to print in two weeks.

Book cover

I like it. Whoever designed it I think did a good job. .

Not an easy topic to do a good book cover for. But I think he/she has achieved it



  1. The cover looks quite impressive, and no doubt the graphic artist's name will be credited somewhere on the page with the copyright. I do like how your name was put in white letters - that will serve for mneumonic purposes, don't you think?

  2. Well that is a good point KYLady!

    And one which I had not considered.

    Maybe it is designed to cause some kind of subliminal synchronicity that will make people buy the book.


  3. I am interested in the way the designer has decided or learned or noticed that red catches people's attention. Usually it's an important thing - s/he thinks (perhaps) that your name matters greatly. Cute I think.

    It does look very good and yes - I hope it does kind of stick in peoples memories. Lovely to look at... nice stuff Tony. Congratulations!

  4. Red is a universal color meaning danger, perhaps we're all conditioned to notice it. I thought Tony's name is in white on the cover but now that I'm looking on a larger monitor under fluorescent lights, the color is actually that pale wheat color that's used for "working" and "suicidal". Well...throw my theory out the window (unless Tony wants to change his name to Tony Wheat before publication)!

  5. KYLady,

    I liked the bit about his name being the same colour as the print!

    If what you've found out is correct; that 'Tony White' who has written a book about 'working' with the 'suicidal'? Well, that kind of works too doesn't it?

    Wheat huh? I've just realised that I can't eat wheat type products without feeling a bit... yucky. Strange how things work out isn't it? So does that mean that 'working', 'suicidal' and 'Tony White' don't agree with me? *giggles*

  6. Yes Annalynn,
    Not long to go now!


  7. Well I could change my name KYLady,

    but that is probably somewhat of an over reaction in this instance. At first you thought it was white as did Roses and I. Hopefully that will be enough to get them to buy the book and then later on realize that it was not a true white colour


  8. Tony Wheat... Hmm...

    Some people change their name Tony. I don't know why but they'll tell you all kinds of reasons. I changed my name when I became a Mrs.

    It's strange you know... I'd practiced writing my married name three years before I was married. It wasn't such a struggle for me. But I imagine that it would take some time for some people to get used to their new name. I had 3 years practice and still sometimes I would sigh my maiden name.

    The movie 'Ghost' was on last night and the star's name was 'Sam Wheat'. That's probably why I'm raving...