Sunday, August 12, 2012

ICPT newsletter

The most recent newsletter of the International Council of Professional Therapists (ICPT) is out. Find it here.



  1. A great article Tony, I do enjoy your writing style. You have a way of describing TA in everyday language, Eric would be proud :)I do agree with you about relating directly with the AC in order to effectively elicit some 'second order change' work, otherwise the client finds a way to stay within their comfort zone. I was interested to note that you say there is not much research on this way of relating, perhaps there is an opportunity here somewhere :)

  2. Hi Dena, thanks for the comment. Similar things have been said to me over the years. It is not something that I have ever consciously tried to do, regarding the writing style. Its just the way it comes out. Having said that I am aware that the purpose of this blog is not to appeal to esoteric theoreticians. So I do not write in that way.

    Yes the comfort zone thing is a difficult one. As I think you agree it is necessary to push the client a bit but if one pushes too hard that is going to be ineffective as well. In my first 10 years as a therapist I was noted for being quite confrontational at times but that has calmed down a bit over the years.


  3. Yes Tony I think its a skill to get the balance right, to make it a good experience all round. :) So how did you know you were too confrontational?