Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who dares wins - Life script analysis

Kahless, Roses and Sara have asked about early decisions that we all make as young children.

If there is someone out there who wants their life script analysed and thus the process of early decisions articulated then you can do the life script exercise called "The bad day at black rock".

Think back in your childhood and remember an occasion when something bad happened that involved members of your family. Some event that you were involved in either directly or indirectly with your family. It upset you and you found it distressing.

Then draw the scene or event on a piece of paper indicating the various people, animals, items and what ever else was there and relevant. Show the various people doing the various things they did.

Indicate who they are (including you) and write words next to them on what they are saying (if anything).

Then write what they are feeling.

Then indicate what you are feeling

Then write what you were wanting (and what others may have wanted).

What did you want mother (father, siblings, or anyone else there) to do or not do.

Then post the picture on Flickr so I can get a big picture of it and see the detail. I will then analyse your life script and this will show what early decisions are all about.

Early childhood trauma - TMI



  1. I'm game!
    I was just about to take me turns on scrabble on FB and also catch up on all my blogfriends but that will have to wait now!!! (Sorry anyone who is reading else who is this.)

  2. I have posted here on my old Kahless blog. If you click on the picture it will enlarge big. I typed the extra bits of the feelings/ wants under the picture.

  3. Hi Kahless,

    the drawing is great and quite useable for the purpose of the exercise. I have to go to work now so I will do it later. I may have to ask you some other questions first.

    And of course you will not give out any indentifying information about these people would you? I know you are very discrete about such things?

    I am going to be making some statements about your life script and your personality, so please confirm that that is OK?

    If anyone wants to do their bad day drawing I suggest you do it before you read what I say about Kahless or your drawing could be compromised, but only a little bit


  4. Tony,
    Fire away any questions as and when. And no, I will would never reveal their names. Actually come to think of it, people I work with wouldnt know their names. Very few people even know Mrs K name!

    I can confirm that it is ok to make statements about my personality and life script. Afterall, who dares wins lol!

    Anyway off to work I go too....

  5. What I will do is make your script analysis a work in progress Kahless. I have never done it like this before so we will just have to see how it goes.

    I will do it how I would normally respond to a person who is in a therapy group and shows me the drawing they drew. So it is sort of a dialogue between me and you about the drawing. So I might make a statement or a comment and then stop and if you have a response then you make it, if you don't then I proceed on.

    "Who dares wins" is the motto of the SAS (Special Air services). These are the elite soldiers in the Australian military. These are the ones that we have sent to Iraq and Afghanistan and who go on the most dangerous missions. I am sure you brits have the same as well but I don't know what they are called.

    I like it and have taken it on a bit as my life motto. That is another life script analysis technique. If you had to have a motto what would it be.

    I like it because it has a reckless quality about it and it also does not state the obvious. "Who dares also sometimes looses". It simply does not mention that which to me implies it is automatically assumed that they will 'win'.


  6. Who dares wins is the motto of our SAS too.
    I can't think that I have a motto. One of my drivers I think is try hard

  7. Well there you go Kahless,

    I did not know that the SAS was the same in the UK.


  8. Graffiti,

    I hate to point out but I will (!) ...
    Being a former colony of our Great British Empire, your SAS is modelled on our one! See here

    And also as such the Queen commands you to loose the Ashes this forthcoming test.