Wednesday, November 11, 2009

European Tour - Part 2

You all know how I am a student of graffiti in modern society. What it represents and says about our current society.

On my recent visit to Belgrade, Serbia, I was walking for a post workshop meal and we came across this piece of graffiti. Just had to get my photograph next to it!



  1. Great picture, Tony. I love seeing pictures of you and it's really nice to see you looking so happy!

  2. Hello Lynn

    Glad you liked the picture and I do look happy don't I!


  3. I wonder if the graffiti artiste used a stencil?

    Yes you do look happy and I am glad you had such a fab time. I went with Mrs K to Croatia last year; it is a really beautiful country isnt it.
    Did you get to see the national lakes? I forget the name of the place. We drove their from Zagreb.

  4. Yes it is a stencil Kahless.

    The plan was for me to go and visit the lakes when I was there but at the last moment it was chnged to a trip to Dalmatia. The photros of which you can see on my FaceBook. But then maybe you are sane Kahless and don't have an FB.

    Sometimes i wish I didn't


  5. For some reason I feel I am being witty in asking you if you are Dalmatian why you were away?

  6. Opps of course you have an FB Ming!!


  7. Drat and deaded drat.

    the comment above meant to read "ate" not "are" before the Dalmatian. Would that be a Freudian slip?

  8. And it was dreaded drat not deaded rat.

    Do you remember darstedly and mutley?

  9. Yes it is a freudian ming - representing your latent hostility against your dogs upon which you have projected your own Child ego state.

    Your unconscious found the hostility expressed in the dersire to eat dog as abhorrent so it changed the word 'ate' to 'are'. Thus allowing your own Child ego state to escape the hostility


  10. Yes I do remember Dastedly and Mutley and their intial appearence on the Yogi bear movie. I really loved that movie but then that is one of my script stories about Toby Tyler

    Toni (aka Tobias)

  11. He he hee.

    I wonder what dog tastes like?

    The local curry house here once served up pidgeon as chicken. I guess it was good for profit margins. I cant remember what was the delicacy of Croatia? Did you enjoy the food?

  12. Yes the food was very lice, lots of meat so not the best for "vegies" but I certainly a carnivore and like meat in my meals


  13. Around that time was Speedy Gonzalez and the Road Runner.

    An egg flyed lice sort of guy? Ahaa.

    Freud would love you.

  14. Yes I recall speedy and the road runner and "Pepe la pew" as well Kahless

    I had not picked up my 'lice' mistake until you pointed it out my pommy mate


  15. I had a lightbulb moment today I think?
    It was around what maybe my racket feeling is and maybe some script info and I would appreciate your view as to whether I am reading my reactions (to a particular situation today)correctly as script indicators.

    The background to the situation was a 2 hour meeting where I took an opposing view on something to someone else. We both acted very professionally and were both taking the appropriate view on some numbers according to what our jobs are. Conflict is occaisional in our roles and we both know we are not being personal. Anyway, I was being put into a position where I felt compromised and I spoke up and said so. Nothing wrong with that. But what really mad me angry was my boss was in the room and he didnt say a word. And this other person was pushing me for a decision which he should really take. Anyway it was obvious to all I was angry and I expressed that anger in a very appropriate way in the meeting. At the end of the meeting, I walked out of the meeting still extremely angry that I was being put into a situation that I felt compromised.

    Someone else who was in the meeting came up to me afterward and congratulated me on standing up for the right thing. I said I felt angry and at that point my voice cracked up and my eyes welled up with tears. I didnt cry but if I hadnt been firm with myself I would have. The same thing happened when someone else came up to me later. So is that my racket feeling, even though I didnt express it outwardly except with a cracked voice?

    I told this person what angered me the most was that I felt un-supported. I am the one that stood up for what they all know is the right thing for someone doing my job yet my boss kept quiet. And then I thought was this feeling of being on my own / of having to stand alone, something in my script. I do think it is a thought that does come into my head from time to time?

    Anyway I think I may have stumbled onto something and answered the question
    "it just goes to show that.."

    Do you think I am interpreting myself correctly?

  16. Aww - i always felt sorry for Pepe. He tried so hard.

    I'm so happy you found some graffiti to enjoy. Gosh its nice when that happens!

    Happy Friday to all!

  17. Tony?

    I just went through some of your earlier youtubes. 2 years ago then 9 mts ago and now while you were in Europe.

    I don't know you at all, but you do seem different in this most recent one. It's wonderful to watch you being you and you do have such a lovely smile. Your eyes are... full or something and your colour is, well a nice colour.

    Have you met someone special or something? Just because if you have - wonderful.

    I want all good things for you. It matters you know? Yeah - i say it, but what's really important is that I mean it. I think you're lovely and its nice if you're happy.

    Your roses

  18. Hello Roses,

    Yes pepe never seemed to get the girl (ie the painted cat!)

    thank you for your kind comments about me and I can't ever remember being told that I look a nice colour.

    My life is quite good at this time Roses. No major or impending dramas on the horizon, status is still single and that is OK, I am liking my work and feeling like I have an understanding of client like people that I have never before appreciated that could only come with experience. So maybe it is all that



  19. Hello Kahless,
    that is a good report of the situation. what I will do is tell you thinking that could go through my head if someone presented this to me.

    It seems the principle reaction is anger.
    Is that appropriate to the situation (ie lack of support)?

    If it was then that would be seen as a Free Child, here and now anger and thus would not be technically defined as a racket. this does not mean that you may have racket anger at other times just that in this instance it was appropriate anger.

    Was there actual lack of support or was there support that was mis perceived as a lack of support?

    I may question the person on this. I will assume in this instance that there was actually a lack of support.

    When you talked about it later you almost cried or cried a little bit. This could be defined as a racket where you have sadness layered over anger which is very common in the life script of females.

    The last part does seem like it could be ‘scripty’ as they say.

    "It just goes to show that I have to stand alone and be on my own”

    This does sound like it could be one of your script decisions from child hood and if so then you could have the life script payoff where you will end up alone.

    Well presented and thought out Kahless


  20. I remember the first time that we met (cyberly i mean) and you used capitals for 'OK' which I assumed meant that you were speaking with a 'not so nice attitude' or even shouting at me. I remember being angry with you. I'm sorry I did that now. I know it was years ago but you just reminded me of it.

    I've been feeling sad the last couple of weeks. I even withdrew from my uni subjects because I wasn't functioning very well. 'Stuff' has been pretty silly around here and i'm breaking out in cold sores - and I don't even have a cold!! Stupit things - so annoying!!!!

    Just a bit sad, that's all. I hope it goes away soon - it gets right up my nose it does! Actually that's were most of the colds sores are. Stupid cold sores!!!!

    I received another email about TA training, but i still don't know anything and TA is something where you have to know stuff first to be able to train for.

    At 47 years old, do you think its worth going for something like that? Sometimes it feels so hopeless doesn't it? Kind of "what's the use" type thing - you know what I mean?

    Oh my goodness - drone, drone, drone... I'm going to bed. It seems you're the only person i'll whine at as well as yell at. You get all my yucky bits don't you? Sorry about that too.


  21. Hello Roses,

    I would usually capitalize OK because that is how it is written when one talks about the life positions and not because I am shouting at you.

    What decision you should make?
    Follow your heart Roses and have a good talk with your Free Child.

    Sit that little girl in a chair in front of you and have a good talk with her. Get her talking and listen to what she is thinking and feeling. If you can do that then you will know what to do.


  22. Yes, I finally worked that one out - about the capital OK, but you went away anyway so it really doesn't matter.

    I want to toss it in (study) but i don't want to give up the dream.

    My hubby said that he's going to retire in around 5 years and then we'll be traveling all over the place. So the work that i'm doing now will be for naught. But anything can happen in 5 years time can't it?

    Its like a superanuation scheme type thing. Need the money right now but understand that it will be needed in the future? - perhaps more so. Same with my studies. I use my time now because I will need the skills later if I find myself alone.

    They are the same in that 'if' he is a live later he will need the superanuation pay out also, if i find myself alone i will need the skills to live.

    I just want to learn. I want to do what you do. I want to be independant. I want to live.

    But i'm afraid.

    I want to be loved. I want to beable to trust someone. I want it to be ok to laugh and smile and have fun loudly just because i can. I want to have to not feel that its my fault all the time. I don't want to be in the way anymore. I don't want to be a burden and i want to be acceptable. I want to be clever and while being clever that it's ok.

    I just want what everyone else wants.

    But to do that I have to fight all the internal and external forces that do all they can do to cause me to fail my journey to reaching that point; realising my dream. And I'm so tired.

    I want to be like you. And I will somehow. To do what you do and be happy with good colour.

  23. Hi Tony,
    sorry it has taken me a bit of time to get back to you; I guess other parts of life has just preoccupied me.
    Thank-you for your reply to my question; I appreciate it. Actually i think maybe my anger in this instance was authentic.

    I finally wrote a teenage years post; it is the second one down on my blog. I warn you it is a yawn yawn post. i just went with the flow and that is where it took me. If you find anything you are vaguely interested in me expanding on then let me know.

    I guess you now owe me a post on your teenage years..... I remember you have written the odd bit before. I am particularly interested in you driving in the park without headlights on. Sounds fantastically rebellious.