Monday, November 16, 2009

Website update

My website has had a massive make over.

It can be found at:



  1. Now, Tony, i will warn you...

    You make it look as though you sit around pools, on boats, and over seas all day living it up!

    It's nice...

  2. Oh yeah, and by the way... the Web site remake looks lovely!

  3. Yes Roses I sometimes do sit around pools. That was actually christmas day where one does tend to do a bit of round pool sitting.


  4. We're in Wagga Wagga - yesterday and today. It has been so hot! Lovely though. Just to be away and breathe - even in this heat.

    We're off again tomorrow - south I think.

    I hope you're having a lovely week end - its so nice when that happens!

  5. Well, we're back home again. Arrived yesterday. We've a wedding to go to on Saturday so we'll be off again on Friday.

    Something about being home. Its so nice.

    Happy Tuesday. I hear on the news/weather, that you're in for some warm temperatures over there. Keep your hat on! *Giggles* reminds me of that song where he says to take everything off but ..."you can leave your hat on".

    Cheers Mr Graffiti Sir.

  6. Hope you're doing well and i hope the heat isn't too hot. Be well...