Thursday, December 31, 2009

Me and my epiphany

I had an epiphany today which I suppose is a good thing to have on the last day of the decade.

On my facebook I have been having a recent discussion with Ljiljana who I met in Serbia earlier this year. In recent times I have been getting some translations of my articles from English to Serbian and then placing them on my Serbian Translations Blog

In our FB discussions of these translations I stated to her how it felt odd to see my writing presented in another language. It is not unpleasant or anything it just feels a bit strange.

This got me thinking as I found it hard to articulate what the odd or strange reaction was. I couldn’t really understand what it was and what it meant to me.

Then I had my epiphany!!


It came to me, at least in part, what the odd feeling was. The word that suddenly popped into my mind was - “disjointed”. It was like I felt disjointed from the writing or there was a lack of connection to it when I saw it in a language that I could not understand.

This surprised me somewhat as I had been quite unaware of it. I suppose that as I usually saw my writing in English I never realised that I also had a psychological connection to what I wrote. It was not until I experienced the ‘oddness’ a number of times in a close succession when setting up and posting on my Serbian Translations Blog that I realised something was awry.

It’s like I expect to meet with

myself but it just doesn’t happen.

It seems that when I write stuff part of me psychologically goes into it and when I read it later on I feel a connection to that part of me that originally went into it. However when I see it later in another language that I cannot comprehend, I cannot make the connection to the part of me that originally went into it. I feel disjointed from it.

I love epiphanies!!



  1. Happy New Year Tony! Here's to a great year of epiphanies.

  2. Epiphanies are great aren't they? (I'm so glad you spelled 'epiphanies' first!) I'm more glad that you're alive and willing to live it - that's a beautiful thing.

  3. Happy New Year Tony. I hope you have a great 2010 full of epiphanies.

    (and Roses, I too wouldnt have known how to spell it either. Still not sure if its spelt right. A happy new year to you too, btw)

  4. Hello Harriet,
    good to hear from you and hope you have an epiphany or two yourself this year.


  5. Happy new year Roses,

    You always say the kindest of things. All the best to you and your kin


  6. Kahless, my pommy mate!
    Hello to you and happy new year to Ben.

    According to my computer dictionary it is spelt the correct way.

    Good wishes to you


  7. Oh and BTW Kahless

    I heard a mathatmetician on the radio explain why this is not the end of the decade. All those years ago the calander went from 1 BC to 1 AD directly, there was no year zero in the middle. And he reckons he knows his math!


  8. Ooo! Imagine being born in the middle like that. What would one say when asked for the year of one's birth...?

    I like clever people!

  9. Tony said..."You always say the kindest of things."

    roses says... I do not!