Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger and the lies we tell

How can one go by without saying a few words about Tiger. Firstly what about all the jokes currently doing the rounds about Tiger and his wayward putter!

However he does present an interesting phenomena due to the length of time of his infidelity. There are different types of affairs. There can be the one off where the man and the woman get drunk at the office christmas party and have a quickie in the photocopying room. The next day they rue their actions and it is never repeated again.

Then there is the affair that persists over a long period of time that has to include ongoing and persistent deception to the marital partner. But the thing about Tiger is how his affairs went over such a long period of time and because of who he is, that is his fame.

He would have known that sooner or later that he would get caught and what would happen. Which is what has precisely happened. It will be highly publicised and the effect that would have on his business.

Will she ever get her 15 minutes?

He would have known for a long time that at least some of the women were financially motivated or at least motivated to get thier 15 minutes of fame, which at last count 13 of them have done. But he still persisted over a long period of time knowing what was eventually going to happen.

That is the interesting part. How can one psychologically do that. I used to see that a lot in the prison. Talking with the guys and reading about thier crimes sometimes you could see that it was inevitable that they would get caught eventually. Whether they were embezzeling money or selling drugs or lighting fires in such a fashion that it was very likely they would get caught.

How could they do that over an extended period of time when they know what is the inevitable outcome. Most people when they realize what they have done and the likeihood they will get caugt will stop and try and cover their tracks. But there are some who don’t and Tiger is one of them.

It could be just massive denial and they some how rationalize to self that they wont get caught. Maybe Tiger lied to himself that he could just pay everyone off and he would thus never get caught. There are others who are just so much in the here and now that the future is just kind of ignored. This is not uncommon in the criminal mind and is quite a childlike appraoch to life. Children are very here and now focussed and the future simply does not register all that much in thier conscious. It is less likely that Tiger is like this because such adults with such a child like approach usually end up in disarry quite quickly. They would not do all the training that Tiger obviously has done over the many years.

Sometimes they want to get caught as they can not see any other solution to their predicament. This can happen with affairs and you get the affair which is a unsophisticed way of saying I am very unhappy in this marriage and I want out. Or I at least want it to change significantly. It is possible Tiger did this as he was unhappy in marriage and thus set himself up to eventually get caught.

Anyway if I was providing counsel to Tiger I would say, “Tell all your minders and advisers to get fucked and go and enjoy life”.



  1. It must be quite difficult for the public to paint this 'clean' type painting of you and expect you to live up to it. But then again it probably happens to you all the time.

    Perhaps there were more things - such as the public's expectations etc, - the Tiger was trying to get out of.

    Interesting post.

  2. It happens to me Roses?!!

    Not too sure about that.



  3. I mean, that people only see the little bit of you that they know, and then go away and make up the rest of 'who you are' to them.

    You cheeky thing! You know what i mean!

  4. People in high profile positions mostly aspire to being perfect for their adoring fans, sponsors and hopefully for a friendly press gallery.

    Tiger has a "perfect" score card and he did maintain his perfect image until now. That must take a lot of managing and adapting. At least now he can be more himself and "play a round" legitimately.


  5. I didn't actually know what you meant Roses but I agree with what you are saying about filling in the gaps


  6. Ha, ha, ha Kenoath.

    he did have a perfect image as you say. I much prefer the Shane Warnes and John Dalys