Friday, April 2, 2010

Fulfilling one’s contractual obligations

I signed the contract and had to produce a 70,000 word document for the publisher. As I mentioned in the last book update I was worried that I would be short of words and would have to do significant padding at the end so there was going to be a lot of words not saying much at all.

But the latest word count came up as 70,665 words.


And I have about 3 chapters to go so it will probably be about 80,000 words by the end and I do not have to do all that waffle.

Now if I may be so bold as to do a bit of self aggrandisement, and I may. All in all it was quite a good guess or prediction on my behalf. Having never done a project like this before I had to give the publisher a figure for the number of words and I plucked 70K out of the air and it has ended up being quite a good prediction.

So cheers to Ynot.

Me as a 18 year old with my girlfriend

He is glad he has fulfilled his contractual obligations

But mostly my stress has dropped because my contractual obligations are now fulfilled and I can proceed with the writing to its conclusion.



  1. Congrats! It was an excellent projection - you must have great instinct. How many words do you speak every day, on average, do you think? Ever counted them?

    And I have to say, you were quite the hottie when you were 18. Love the hairdo - we called that a "shag" I think. You were quite skinny, weren't you?

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  3. No Harriet I have never counted the words I speak every day, But i imagine it would be lots.

    I had a friend once who had a pedometer and she counted the number of steps she walked in one day. She just attached it to her belt and it counted every step she took, not too sure how but it did. She was a doctor and wanted to know in terms of exercise and so forth. I don't recall how many it was.

    At 18 I was super fit with lots of surfing and rugby. That was the hair style of the day, so that is what it was.

    Hope your easter is good


  4. Oh yeah! I get it now - a "shaggy" hair cut! *Giggles* I think here it's called a "mullet" or something like that.

    Harriet, the only time that I've heard the term 'shag' is found is...

    1. A crude term for sexual intercourse - "in the back of the car shagging (or having a shag)".


    2. When a water bird (cormerant = ) sits drying itself we call it a "shag on a rock". So when someone gets all wet after a water fight or falling in to the river and they kind of, hang out drying I've heard people say that "they were standing (or sitting) there like a shag on a rock".

    There are probably lots of other uses for the term but these are the first ones that come to mind.

    Thanks so much for the giggles and I appologize for any offence at any crudity mentioned.

    I hope you had a very happy easter... Cheers!

  5. Aww Tony!
    Gosh you both make a lovely couple! So cute!

    I hope your easter break was refreshing and relaxing


    Exciting and so fun!


  6. Hmm - thought I left a comment on this post, but don't see it. Disappeared into the cyberspace. Basically the same as Harriet's - congrats and you were a cutie when you you were younger.

    RE: pedometers - that's a big thing here - getting your 10K steps in a day. I don't manage it on days when I am sitting at the scope, but I easily do when I'm going back and forth to the OR.

  7. Glad you liked my hair cut Roses and it definately was not a mullet. Never had one of those but I did like Billy Ray Cyrus



  8. Hello OLJ,

    MY girlfreind thought I was cute as well as she used to say.

    Those pedometers seem like nifty little machines, but I have to wonder how they work and how accurate they are. If I am sitting down and stomp my foot 10 times on the ground does it count that as me walking 10 steps


  9. LOL!

    Roses, just seen your comment.

  10. Yes - Tony - frequently stomping your feet will advance the pedometer. Although it would take a while to get to the recommended 10K/day.


  11. You are right OLJ, One would have to stomp a lot and what would be the point of it anyway