Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How long before Carl Williams becomes a legend?

One would imagine that it will be quite quick. Quicker than average one could even say. Carl Williams gained great notoriety in recent years due not so much to his money making criminal activities but to his way of dealing with the competition. He had the unfortunate habit of shooting them dead.

His rotund figure and baby face looks made him the most unlikely looking crime lord.

However last year a biopic TV series done on him and his criminal era where many were shot dead. It was one of the most successful TV series in recent times and from it will proliferate many other books, articles and maybe even a movie or to. With his very violent murder in prison yesterday that will only add to the Carl Williams mystique.

In one way he was canonised even before he died thanks to modern day TV. Of course he is no different than the Australian criminal legend, Ned Kelly. The same as Carl Williams, a murdering thief who left a trail of victims of crime in his wake. But it seems we have a need to make heroes of such villains in our Australian psyche.

5 years, 10 years or 20 years before Carl Williams is held in high esteem? Maybe longer but it seems safe to say that the stage has been set for this man to become one of the great modern day “Highwaymen” of Australian history.

Here is a picture at his trial. The woman in the yellow beanie is his ex-wife spewing venom at the blonde woman who was his new 20 something girlfriend at the time. These two women were publicly fighting over a man who was about to spend at least the next 35 years of his life in jail.

I have done some prison time myself, fortunately as an employee rather than a resident. I used to sometimes watch “visits” as it was called when the visitors came to see the men in jail. I was for ever surprised at the long line of attractive women who would come in through the gates dressed in all their finery that would have the average man pursuing them for sure.

Maybe this is the same psychological mechanism at work. There is something about the outlaw man that is attractive to at least some women. In addition overall society can tend to put them in some position of reverence as well.



  1. Well, the only thing I can think of at this moment is that WIN TV put this guy's ugly noggin on the telly instead of the Mentalist!!

    I would like to suggest that the person responsible for such a decision be fired and set out to pasture REALLY SOON!!!

    Bunch of morons!

  2. But Roses,

    Carl is becoming a legend, you are watching history in the making!


  3. I didn't watch anything in the making! I turned the silly thing off!

    Stupid telly - stupid WIN TV!! They suck big time Tony - Haven't you noticed yet? Cause they do!

    Oh my goodness! I was going to write to them and tell them personally but then I realised that i was watching them simply because Channel TEN change the TV guide way worse than WIN and it made me realise - i'm totally wasting my time watching any telly at night!

    Except of course for "Big bang theory" - but now I will watch that show on PRIME 2.

    I am so angry at them Tony. So SO angry!

  4. Hey Roses,

    Good to see the angry Roses back and full of life!

    Go Grrrlll!!


  5. Never heard of him!

    Who is the woman in red? She appears to be eyeing the woman on the end's boobs!


  6. Well Kahless it is an Austrtalian thing!

    I am sure there are gangsters well known in the UK whom I have never heard of.

    Interesting interpretation of an ambigious photograph that you make my pommy mate. My interpretation is that both the older women are acting as the younger woman's bodyguard againt the anger of the woman with the yellow beanie.

    So she is quickly looking behind her to see if any attack is coming


  7. Oh my goodness Tony!
    The repeats of "the big bang theory" are on WIN 80!!

    I watched half of one last night but then just went to bed.

    Probably just have to buy the DVD's when the seasons come out.

    I'm till angry with them. It's fun.