Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Body and psychology

A request from Kahless

Psychoanatomy 1

Psychoanatomy 2

Psychoanatomy 3

Psychoanatomy 4

Head: Location of the self and centre for intellectual power, social dominance and control of body impulses. Headaches and be self punishment, unexpressed emotion, lost in intellectualisation

The neck joins the control area (head) and the impulse area (body) and thus is an indicator of the co-ordination between the two. Tight neck can be avoidance of feelings. Also stopping the expression and verbalisation of emotion

Jaw and teeth can be related to anger. Jaw clenching, headaches resulting from jaw clenching, teeth grinding

Shoulders is about responsibility. Shoulder pain as assuming too much responsibility

Upper trunk - shoulders are an index of the feelings of strength or power. Back pain - a sense of lack of power, or rigidly holding on to strength

Arms are tools for attempting to control the environment.

Hands - interpersonal relationships, contact with environment and control of environment. Arthritis.

Feet and legs are about stability and security it is also about movement. Running away from or running towards. Weak feet and legs related to incapacitation and passivity in relationships.

Skin is about strokes and contact with others. Eczema stops stroking

Asthma - the angry cry for love

Stomach trouble anxiety or despair

Bowel and bladder problems issues with letting go and holding on.

Consitpation - anxiety or rebellion issues



  1. I question the lack of medical identification for these physical things. Are the people who made these charts actually implying that virus' don't exist?

  2. I don't know about others Roses,

    But I believe that viruses exist


  3. Are you able to explain what these charts mean - explaining that viruses do exist, please Tony?

    Are you suggesting that these parts of the body are open to infection because of these psychological conditions?

  4. Cheers Graf,

    I wanted to read the bladder one.


  5. Not too sure what else to say Roses,
    People with eczema can have a "Don't be close" injunction. Which is what the chart is saying. Those with eczema can be saying - "Don't touch me!"


  6. Good work Tony. I can see how locations of physical troubles change over time as conditions change. Interesting how this also ties in with much oriental medicine.
    I certainly believe in viruses. They are around and in us all the time, but we only succumb to a viral illness when our immune systems are weakened, by stress for example. At least that's the way I see it.

  7. I did not know that about oriental medicine Celeste. I know very little about that but the stuff presented above have just been my observations over the years.


  8. Dear Tony what is your opinion about alopecia areata?
    Thank you in advance.

  9. Hello Tanja,

    Assuming there is no physical cause there would be a number of things i would check out with the person who has alopecia over an extended period of time.

    It could simply be a sign of high levels of stress being expressed in scalp tension and thus the loss of hair.

    The other result of it is a loss in physical attractiveness thus the Child ego state could use it as a expression of its self destructiveness. Or if the person has fears of emotioanal closeness or sexual closeness making oneself 'unattractive' to the opposite sex makes such forms of closeness much less likely.

    There are a couple of things that come to mind and there would undoubtably be others I would think


  10. Tony thank you so much for the answer.