Monday, January 17, 2011

Book - Working with suicidal individuals

This book is now available

Book cover

It took 7 months to write the 80,000 words. Then one has to wait 6 months for the publisher to do her stuff and at last it is ready.

Here is a video about the book

Some background to the book can be found here

If you want a copy here's how you do it.



  1. Sweet! :) I would consider getting it from you, but Amazon is cheaper. Or maybe I'll just wait until I happen upon more money.

  2. Hi Annalynn,
    Thank for your consideration but please do get it from Amazon if you wish.
    I will not feel offended or anything like that. Your section on the drawing you did and my comments after comes up quite well.



  3. Hi, just got my copy. May come back to you, doing reseacrh project on self-harm and response within social work responsibilites under adult support & protection law in Scotland, UK.

  4. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your comment and I hope you find the book useful. Is there anywhere on the internet where I can find out more about your research project?

    And if you feel so inclined after reading the book to put something on the internet about the book if you could include the title, "Working with suicidal individuals". So this will show up in google searches. At the moment it is dominated by online book stores carrying the title. But now there are a few others with people referring to the book for one reason or another.

    Any ways thanks again.


  5. Hi Tony

    I am active social worker in Perth- Scotland and would suggest you could view my research proposal and others looking at such topic on a pulbic service website,
    this has links to scottish member 91 thur far and engalen & wales with a hell of a lot more..

    Keep up the great work and I guess I may come back again, great to share and value your new material of such subject, cheers Martin

  6. Hello Martin,

    I don't think I have ever met someone from Perth, Scotland before.

    thanks for the link

    When you have had a look at the book any feedback you may have would be most welcome.

    and keep me up to date on your research