Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review - book update

Working with suicidal individuals

How is this for a book review I found on the internet by an unknown person but who runs the website,

Tony White - Graffiti: Book update part 2
by Tony White
I was sad that it uses traditional models of ego states from the 1960s, rather than more modish and understandable ideas about ego states. Nonetheless, the way these are acclimatized and illustrated with many many casing examples works absolutely well, and certainly works for him as a set of maps to have in mind about both character and communication............ Whole Tony Caucasian's soft-cover "Working with suicidal individuals" is exciting, educational and written in an pliant to skim manner. It reminds me of the laws from my adolescence, "Excursion To The Center of The Ground" by Jules Verne. It captured my Emancipate Infant in the reading of it. Is there a well-advised b wealthier felicitations for a volume, above all an occupational paperback? In his unreserved to penetrate period, the originator elucidate that soul comportment is a deliberating of the construct of their character. This elucidation gives intense trace there is a palpable consequence between those who are suicidal and those who are not. The distinguishing character between the groups are decisions. Untimely decisions made in youth under adverse nurturing (ego governmental Kid)  or decidedness modelled by parents or valuable others in a approach of introjection ( Progenitrix ego style). It is these initially decisions in the persona system that infer suicidal bearing. Thanks to this lyrics we certain suicidal urges are not something lurking in every compassionate.
Source: Tony White - Graffiti: Book update part 2

I wonder if it is actual lyrics to a song?



  1. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me...perhaps English is not his or her first language.

  2. I like the one

    Tony Caucasian