Thursday, July 28, 2011

Will I win first prize?

Email received 27.7.11

Dear Tony,
I am delighted to inform you that your book Working with Suicidal Individuals has been highly commended in the Psychiatry category of the 2011 BMA Medical Book Awards. This means that you are shortlisted to win first prize in this category, and are invited to the awards ceremony.


The ceremony will take place on Wednesday 14th September at BMA House in London, starting at 5.30pm. Please let me know if you would like to attend, and I will register this with the event organizer, and send you more details. I appreciate that since you are in Australia, this may not prove possible, but our commissioning editor will be attending to collect your award if necessary.
With best wishes,

Jessica Kingsley Publishers - 24 years of independent publishing 1987-2011
116 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JB, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7833 2307 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7837 2917


But guess what!
About a month ago I booked the flights to be in the UK from September 6th to 17th!
Is this divine intervention?
Or just plain divine?

I will have to make sure I cry at the right time and have a long list of thank you’s to say!


An article involving the psychological examination of three suicide notes - Adolf Hitler, Virginia Woolf and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols found here.

Order form for book can be found here.


The list of universities and colleges that now stock the book in their libraries for courses in psychology, counselling, social work and nursing continues to grow as well.

Maribor General Hospital Library (Slovenia)
Stellenbosch University Library (South Africa)
Mitt hogskolan library (Sweden)
Stockholm University (Sweden)
PJ Library (Norway)
University of Bergen (Norway)
Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (Norway)
University of Oslo (Norway)
University of Tromso (Norway)
University of the West of England (UK)
University of Plymouth (UK)
Manchester Metropolitian University (UK)
Lancaster University (UK)
University of Hull (UK)
University of East Anglia (UK)
University of Cambridge (UK)
Oxford University library (UK)
University of Exeter (UK)
Coventry City Council library (UK)
Bromley Library service (UK)
Cadbury Heath Library (UK)
Kingswood Library (UK)
Yate Library (UK)
British Library (UK)
Ebook library London (UK)
Hounslow Library (UK)
Barnet London Borough Library (UK)
National library of Scotland (Scotland)
Executive Counseling and Training Academy (Singapore)
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library(Singapore)
Singapore Polytechnic Library (Singapore)
National University of Singapore (Singapore)
LaTrobe University (Aust)
Victoria University (Aust)
Queensland University of Technology (Aust)
Deakin University (Aust)
University of Western Australia (Aust)
University of Ballarat (Aust)
University of New England (Aust)
University of Western Sydney (Aust)
Charles Sturt University (Aust)
Curtin University (Aust)
Australian Catholic University (Aust)
University of Newcastle (Aust)
Bond University (Aust)
University of Melbourne (Aust)
James Cook University (Aust)
National Library of Australia (Aust)
University of California San Diego (USA)
Open Library. California State Library (USA)
Marquette University Raynor Memorial Library (USA)
University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA)
Williams College Massachusetts (USA)
National Library of Medicine Maryland (USA)
Illinois State University (USA)
Loyola Marymount University California (USA)
University of Michigan (USA)
Central Michigan University (USA)
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (USA)
University of Missouri-Columbia (USA)
Akron-Summit County Public Library, Ohio (USA)
University of California Merced (USA)
University of North Carolina Greensboro (USA)
Library of congress (USA)
University of California San Franisco (USA)
Mt. Hood Community College Library Oregon (USA)
National College of Natural Medicine Oregon (USA)
Oregon Health and Science University (USA)
Northeast WI Public Libraries (USA)
College of DuPage Illinois (USA)
Boston College (USA)
University of Chicago Illinois (USA)
University of North Texas (USA)
Laredo Public Library Texas (USA)
University of Texas-Pan American (USA)
University of Texas at Austin (USA)
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)
University of Auckland Library (New Zealand)
Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)
Unitec Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
Eastern Institute of Technlogy (New Zealand)
University of Otago (New Zealand)
Rotorua District Library (New Zealand)
University of Waterloo (Canada)
Mount Royal University (Canada)
Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)
University of Guelph (Canada)
Library and Archives Canada (Canada)
City University of Hong Kong (China)
National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)



  1. That's pretty sweet. :)

    I would totally request the book at my university if I could. But I am not studying in the proper program to prove that it would be useful to have.

  2. Congratulations Tony! It is divine that you are going to be in London at that time. Good luck and enjoy the trip.


  3. You must be chuffed. Eleven days in London - heavenly. If you win that will just make a perfect trip.

  4. Hey Annalynn,
    Good to hear from you again. Thanks for the thought about requesting one for your uni. Maybe a full time fellow student friend could do it?

    Thanks for the thought anyway


  5. Hi Di,

    It was just absolute complete coincidence that I would be there at that time. As you say very good luck and lets hope the luck continues. But even if I don't win the prize it is a really good accolade anyway and I am sure will be good for sales as well! Just being nominated puts the book in a special category which is nice.


  6. Yes Linda it should be agood trip indeed what ever happens.

    I suppose I will have to get a suit (yes I admit that I don't actually have a suit!).
    Maybe I could get one at a good samaratians store. Maybe something like a doorman wears!

    Or I like the suit that the Penguin wears in the batman movie.

    I will get one with a bow tie I think. One that spins around and has coloured lights that blink and makes a noise like a kazoo!

    If I win and am standing at the lectern making my speech, I will set it off for the crowd to see.


  7. Please Tony, if you do wear a penguin suit with a pyrotechnic bow tie – ask somebody to video your acceptance extravaganza and post it on youtube! I want to see!! Congratulations.

  8. OK KYLady,

    I will do so with the video. I might even video me in my suit here before I go as I practice my speech, bow tie and all.