Tuesday, February 14, 2012

8th life position

That is a good question Kahless,

So what is the life position of the victim? Is it I--,U-?
I don't see it as I-,U+


My response

I do make some comment on this in my article.

The reason why the bully is not - I’m OK, You’re not OK and is I’m Not OK but you’re worse - is because it is assumed it is not possible to see others as not OK and still see self as OK.

The normally developing child will automatically see others as OK. It is seen as the natural human condition. If a child suffers adverse parenting then it may decide that others are not OK but a soon as it does this it must see self at least partly as not ok as well because it has adopted an unnatural psychological state. Secondly the life position of I-U-- describes the clinical situation of this individual much better than I+U-. They are trying to make self feel OK by making others seem not OK in their eyes at least.

dog attack

The I-U+ person has adopted the natural state in seeing others as OK so that can be seen as correct. They have only decided that self is Not OK and that does not have to reflect on their view of others.

They have no motive to see others as not OK.

The life position of I--U- would seem to imply that I view others as not OK and I cope with that by viewing myself as worse than them. Perhaps you have defined a new clinical condition Kahless and discovered the eighth life position.


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