Sunday, February 19, 2012

Treatment plan - Part 4

Alison Jesson makes the following suggestions of treatment plans for the various personality types. I tend to agree with the suggestions but also disagree with various aspects.
Personality types 1
Personality types 2

For example the hysteric needs to learn the temperate and considered expression of emotion and how to think and feel at the same time. Also needs to resolve the romanticized relationship with father.

With the schizoid one would normally have a No Run contract in the treatment plan.

I agree that the paranoid is basically a anxiety (scare) based personality and one seeks to have the scare recognized and expressed. The paranoid also needs to be aware of how they change their scare into anger and thus to let the anger go. They may find this very difficult to do. Also their personal boundaries are very important to them - never hug a paranoid (or enter their personal space) unless they are ready for it. Even if they say yes to the request for a hug one needs to be reluctant to do so.

More to be said on these later.

Obsessive compulsive?
Dress woman

Woman & dog.

Anime woman




  1. "Histeroid" is that a real word Tony? I like it anyway because its similar to Asteroid! k

  2. It seems like a real word Kenoath, so lets make it one. And yes it is kind of like asteroid. Perhaps a paranoid combined with a histeroid would become an asteroid?