Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life script story - Part 2

KYLady says:

“I remember you wrote in an old blog post about wanting to join the circus when you were young.”
Well that is a good point KYLady and you have made an interesting connection that I had not. About my life script and the circus. I did write previously about the circus and my reaction to it. Also it would have been a very similar age to how old I was when I watched the Toby Tyler movie.
I recall my mother took me to the the “Moscow Circus” when it visted here in Australia. For some reason my brother and sister were not there which made it a bit more special for me being alone with just my mother. I was especially fascinated by the famous Popov the clown who as I found out later was regarded as one of the best clowns of all time.

After that I was convinced that this what I wanted to be - a clown in the circus like Popov. So there we have another decision about being in the circus that would have occured close in time to the Toby Tyler movie.
Indeed this decision of mine must have persisted for a number of years as I recall later my mother actually investigated how I could become a clown. She found that there was actually a clown school run by Popov. But it was in Russia and the Cold War was in full flight at that time so it never happened in the end.
Also I have always been fascinated by Marcel Marceau. For example how he can create such powerful visiual images by simply moving his hands.

Truly magic I think!
Maybe this also contibuted to this part of my life script story.



  1. What would parents should do if note that their 6 year old child is infatuated with some TV hero?

  2. It depends who the hero is Mirko. Is it a good character? They are going to take on someone like we all have as chldren