Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life script story

The life script of Toby Tyler (or part thereof)

Eric Berne highlighted the idea that children will take on stories as templates for parts of their own life script.

Toby Tyler was a movie that I first saw at a drive-in theatre! I would have been almost exactly the same age as Toby Tyler was in the movie. I have never forgotten this movie and it was one of my most favorite movies of all time. And to make matters more interesting. All through my childhood and also when I was this age I had one very good friend. We were best friends for many years and his name was also Toby.

Here is a picture of Toby Tyler with Mr Stubbs and a picture of me with my pet cat.

TT & me

The synopsis that Wiki gave for the movie

Overhearing stern Uncle Daniel describe him as a "millstone", Toby Tyler runs away from his foster home to join the circus, where he soon befriends Mr. Stubbs, the frisky chimpanzee. However, the circus isn't all fun and games when the evil candy vendor, Harry Tupper, convinces Toby that his Aunt Olive and Uncle Daniel don't love him or want him back. Toby resigns himself to circus life even scoring a much bigger role at the circus. When Toby realizes (with the help of Mr. Stubbs) that Tupper lied to him, and that his aunt and uncle truly love him, Toby leaves the circus to go home. On the way, however, he finds that Mr. Stubbs has followed him. Deciding to take Mr. Stubbs home with him (to keep him safe,) Mr. Stubbs is chased by a hunter's dog. A hunter named Jim Weaver accidentally shoots Mr. Stubbs as Harry hauls Toby back to the circus.

Toby discovers his aunt and uncle are at the circus, with hugs all around. When Harry tries to pursue Toby, he is caught by Ben for using the Sheriff's money. Ben tells Harry to leave Toby alone and stop acting unkind. Just before Toby's big performance for his family, he discovers Mr. Stubbs is still alive, having been brought back to the circus by the hunter. Toby performs on horseback, only to have Mr. Stubbs join him, creating a great new act for the circus.

He travels around giving performances for the public. 


But it is his relationships that are of most importance. He runs away from home and ends up having an exciting life but essentially is living alone at least emotionally. His best friend is a monkey! At one point he thinks his best friend (Mr Stubbs) dies but then discovers he is still alive.

He has a loving family in the background but will he ever get to it or will he always remain a traveler who never settles with a loving partner to enjoy the more common type of intimacy? Will he ever be with his best friend or has he lost his friend for ever? A battle between the want for intimacy and the want to move away from it.

That is the life script quest for Toby Tyler.



  1. Thanks Tony, lovely story. Anyway, I am glad that Toby travels, because otherwise we would not met on his circus show, and he would not became my friend.

  2. Toby Tyler was one of my favorite movies too. I remember you wrote in an old blog post about wanting to join the circus when you were young. What I liked about that movie was that Toby ran away and got to be with circus animals (I always wanted a horse and chimpanzee). Maybe you can be Toby Tyler and I’ll be Tarzan.

  3. Yes Mirko, Thanks to Toby Tyler I got to meet you and you nice family

  4. Good Point KYLady, about the horse and monkey and you being Tarzan. Maybe that is part of your life script story which we all have Tony