Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final fantasy 3

Functions of fantasy

Dream and daydream (fantasy)
In terms of personality structure night dreams and day dreams (fantasy) are somewhat similar. In dreams (night) the Parent and Adult ego states are almost completely decommissioned and cease to influence the personality at all.

Sleep ego states

With the Parent and Adult decommissioned the conscious is gone and the person is left only with their unconscious. This is why Freud used dream interpretation, when asleep the unconscious can gain expression free from any conscious control. Thus it provided an important way of understanding the unconscious.

In daydreams or fantasy the Parent and Adult are also decommissioned but to a lesser extent than when asleep. Thus it also affords an opportunity to understand the unconscious as well.

Obviously in a daydream the content is under conscious control unlike a night time dream, at least initially. Sometimes daydreams may start at one point and end up at an unexpected point for the dreamer. Also daydreams are a 100% personal event. No one will ever know about them unless they are told of the content. Whilst a group of people have some Parent ego state restrictions about fantasy content as was described in Final fantasy 2, for most the content is completely uninhibited. Anything can be fantasised and thus the unconscious desires, conflicts and so forth are given a wide range of expression. Like they are in night time dreams. There are very few other circumstances where the unconscious is given such freedom of expression as in fantasy and dreaming.

One advantage that fantasy interpretation has over dream interpretation is that it tends to be more literal. As there is some level of conscious control the images created in daydreams they are more obviously related to the psychological forces behind them. In dreams the images created as less obviously related to the psychological content behind them.

Types of day dreams (Temporary)
Self soothing
Wish fulfilment
Self aggrandisement
Defence mechanism
Reflection of current issues - conflict, sexual, aggressive, etc.

Sometimes day dreams can serve a number of these reasons at once.

woman warrior
Zena warrior princess

An example is provided by Kahless who says:

“My day dreams generally revolve around me performing a heroic but fatal deed.

I used to day-dream being a secret agent, or a fireman, or Lara Croft.

These days I am just me. This very morning I day-dreamed that I was at work, in a meeting and armed gun-men stormed in. They said they would release everyone if someone volunteered to play russian roulette. I volunteered. I looked them in the eye and said "come on then fuckers."

I fantasise aka day-dream, a lot.

In real life, people around me say I am courageous. I think I am and I am not. Sometimes I like to just plain put my head in the sand.

Maybe this links into my blog name and my avatar.

Kahless - a Klingon warrior
and a lion who maybe from the Wizard of Oz.” (end quote)

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  1. I am watching... Incidently life is ironic, because a test [of my courage] came this last week subsequent to me writing this comment. Watch this space!