Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book update


  1. Hello Tonij Vajt :)
    I wonder what "more contemporary and coherent ideas about ego states" are - is there a source you'd recommend (in fact I think I need to be updated on the states that you are using - especially the Child substates). Where can I find more on these, can you help?

  2. Hello Zbig,

    For explanations of the Child ego state sub states it is all explained in chapter three of my book!

    Or you could go to


    or wikipedia

    For more contemporary ideas on ego states you could start at


    I disagree with Rosemary’s comment that we need more writers in TA for mainstream publishing. There are plenty of TA writers but there are very few who write for the average counsellor.

    If you have a look at the link I gave for the contemporary ideas on ego states you will find you will a very articulate and sophisticated understanding of psychology. It is also quite difficult to understand. The average counsellor will not buy a book written like that, instead there is a small niche market who will.

    No major (or at least very few and hence Rosemary;s comment) publisher is going to publish a book that the average counsellor will not buy. There is simply very little money in it for them. If the average counsellor is in a book shop and he can buy a book that is complex and difficult or the book next to it that is easy to understand and readily useable for his counselling the next day which one will he buy? One does not need three guesses.


  3. Hi Tony,
    thanks for the links

    Recently I was spending little time reading about TA, your great blog included, because I started weight training (finally after 40 years, should have had this idea 20 years ago ;-) and switched to other resources.
    But for me psychology still has the best potential in self developing.