Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boiled egg and peace protesters

Have you ever had a boiled egg with toasted soldiers. I was raised on that sort of breakfast food and the soldiers dipped in the yoke is very yummy.
Egg and soldiers

But my good friend calls them -

A boiled egg and peace protesters.

A good name I thought!



  1. Childhood breakfast was porridge. Porridge, porridge, porridge, porridge. Or black bread with Esrom cheese.

    Soft boiled egg with white bread toast was a major treat.

  2. Come to think of it you are right KYLady. This was a very traditional Australian breakfast when I was a child. But now the humble egg is much more complex. Once upon a time an egg was just an egg but now? Is it free range or not? Has the chicken been fed antibiotics all its life so that i now injest antibiotics so I become immune to them? Has the chicken been put on a special diet such that it is a low fat egg?

    But try it KYLady. A boiled egg with peace protestors.


  3. That does not sound good Linda with all that porridge and I wont even ask what esrom cheese is! And black bread!

    Well now you are an adult I hope you feed yourself with a soft boiled egg with peace protestors for breakfast regularly.


  4. I tried a new recipe in my crockpot today. My kids looked at it doubtfully and asked what it was, so I told them it was called cowboy stew. One asked, “Oh yeah? Where did you get the cowboys?” I guess we’ll eat cowboys and you can eat soldiers.