Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The dream I had last nite

I was outside in the street. I didn’t recognise where. I suddenly realised that I could fly and kind of just floated up in the air and I could fly around. (Flying has been a theme in many of my dreams over the years. I don’t know what it means but it’s probably important). Other people where there and saw me and tried to fly but they couldn’t.

Lady in box

That felt kind of good. Like a special feeling and I was enjoying the flying anyway. I was flying around and suddenly realised there were electric power lines nearby and I got frightened. I might touch them and die. I kept flying but was scared of the power lines and the dream ended. Maybe there is some danger in my life at the moment that interferes in my enjoyment of life.



  1. How significant are dreams in relation to our day time world? Every time I went to therapy he would ask what dreams I had been having. And then pick them apart.

  2. I think your dream is about the big award you just won. You really did go fly to accept it, but in your dream you’re so amazing you don’t even need a plane. While you’re still floating on air from all that attention, now you expect something bad to come along and spoil it all since we all know nothing good lasts forever. The next time you fly near power lines, just remember to stay ungrounded.

  3. Hello Linda,
    It has been said that dreams are the window to the soul, in other words very significant to our day to day life.

    The problem for many therapists is they know dreams are a very rich source of psychological material but what do you do with them? Many have many different views.

    On my FB some one sent me this

    Man always wanted to fly. Mythical Deedalus, who escaped from the island of Crete flying together with Icarus, represents synthesis of this tendency which never was completely fulfilled. Daedalus was able to fly on wings of wax, but Icarus fell.
    When we dream to fly, once we are in role of Daedalus, another time we are in role of Icarus. In first case one who dreams feels joyful and easy, and in another arrow of narrowness will hit him and he will fall.
    However, human dream of flying includes one whole bar of value, worth of exploring. Sometimes we dream of falling suddenly, but feel very pleasantly; anothr time we dream to fly, but feel anxiety. So we can't extract from all just one meaning, as we can't accept completely Freud's hypothesis which explains all dreams with repeating impressions from childhood, and ones about seesaw or rocking on the mother's knees.
    These kind of dreams usually represents special mental states, moved by real, but not necessarily joyful events. Man who in his family, emotional or social situation, can't find his space in which he would move freely, will dream to fly - to escape just as Daedalus and Icarus. Desire to escape, which is reflected in emotional sphere, brings to feeling of anxiety if its in reality connected to some our refusal of a person or environment. And when after flying we plunge, nostalgia for the return prevailed, which will ground us to reality, on our sadness or joy.
    In reality it is exactly how it happens often. We are forced to travel away, making such decision with cold feet, because everything did not go as we expected; and it could happen that afterwards, pressured with nostalgia, we come back from where we left. When falling is related to flyng, it should be understood as emotional frustration, as drop of enthusiasm, uncertainty.
    Dream on flying can also hide certain anger towards daily reality. In such case, man will satisfy his aspirations by rising above others and with release from inhibitions.
    "Dream to fly", Gotshalk says, "in first line those who have been denied pleasures that brings power, personal capabilities and ambitions. Here are also those impotents whose sexual powerlessness is compensated with ability to fly; in such case, these kind of dreams always condition feeling of pleasure, which injects into the memory as erotic event".
    In any case, its enough to question self a bit, to see if we belong or not to some of mentioned categories: are we determined Daedalus or poor Icarus who, immersed in own indecision and inconsistency, deciding to fly, without realizing that their escape is doomed to failure, because some emotional-nostalgical reasons are preventing them from it.

    FLYING - Has different meanings. Desire to escape from some emotional, social, family or work situation, which looks to us as cause of our bad mental or physical state in which we are at the moment. State of sexual tension; dreams on flying at young girls indicate emerging of sexual desire, and in dreams of men they are symbol of erection and sexual activity. They also indicate overcoming difficulties. Pay attention to where you are flying, because place it self (forest, room, city) can help a lot in interpretation of this dream.

    (c) Giuseppe Aprile - Dizionario dei sogni

  4. Thanks for your kind comments KYLady,
    one thing for sure is I will keep on flying.

    One other interpretation that I may add in is that in my personal life lately there has been some danger and maybe the power lines are reflective of that?

    Take care


  5. Maybe somthing is going on for you
    I had an awful dream last week. I dreamt of peering into a fish tank and it was full of dead fish caught up in the plants. It was horrible.

    But then I lost a fish two months ago so thought it maybe that. I looked up my dream on line and the dictionary said a major catastrophe was about to happen. No catastrophe yet.

  6. Never seen dreams used to predict the future, Kahless!

    Your dream is unlikely to be a simple recall of your previous dead fish. More likely that your Child was touched by the dead fish two months ago and now something in your current life is dying or ending. So your unconscious used the metaphor of the dead fish to reflect that aspect of your current psyche.