Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gender identity

Gender identity - Am I male or am I female
Sexual orientation - Am I sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex or opposite sex.
Sex role - how do I practically display my gender identity and how do I relate to the opposite sex.

Gender identity

An interesting statement about cross dressing which seems to make sense. But the male cross dressers I have worked with by and large are not homosexual which does not make logical sense really. But it does indicate that gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate things.

Who am I?



  1. I find this absolutely fascinating. I gender identify nuetral. I am biologically female, but I don't feel like a girl, nor do I feel like a boy. I'm also bisexual. I have no preference as to which gender I date. Sometimes I wonder what any of that means.

  2. Hello Haven,
    You made a comment on what I was going to write on. That situation when there appears to be a lack of identity and indeed one not uncommonly finds that in the borderline personality.

    It is a very interesting psychological situation and one way it first comes to attetion is with the sexual preferences exactly as you comment. So thanks for that.


  3. I know two female to male transsexuals. They both started dating women first. One is post operative and he is still dating the same woman. She - the partner - finds it tough as she is a lesbian but is now with a man.
    I don't get it, but then I don't have to get it. It's like I don't get bisexuals. No offense Haven. I am a lesbian. I just see it as a label people use when they are either in denial that they are gay or that they are sex addicts and use it as an excuse to shag anyone.
    I know lesbians that will shag men, but they will never call themselves bisexual as they know any committed relationships will always be with women. I just see bisexuals as untrustworthy when it comes to relationships.

  4. Yes Kahless I must agree when a person has the full SRS surgery and their subsequent relationship. You don't know if they are either homosexual or heterosexual.

    I think you may be a little severe on bisexuality. It is possible that the person may use the label for the two reasons you cite but there are other possibilities and there are plenty of untrustworthy homosexuals and heterosexuals when it comes to relationships.

    Some people report a sense of a lack of identity. That can be either because they do have a sense of identity but are completely out of touch with their FC or they simply never developed a strong sense of self as a child. Some borderlinbes p[ersonalities are like that.

    This will show up in a variety of ways including in ones sexual behaviour. I wouldn't actually call such a person a bisexual. I would call them asexual with a libido.


  5. Yes, I was being severe. Just Felt like indulging that part of me!
    Off to bed now. Have a good day
    K. x.