Monday, December 19, 2011

Psychodynamics of the recreational drug user.

The social drinker unlike the alcoholic has the ability to do these transactions. The Child ego state has the desire for more but the Adult ego state and the Parent ego state have the strength to curb the excesses of the Child.

Rec drug user diagram

The alcoholic or problem drug user does not have the strength in the Adult and Parent to restrict the Child ego state desire for more.

Hair girl
Too much?



  1. Alcoholsim is often referred to as a disease in the media. Is this true? This post suggests it is all about the inner ego battles.

  2. A contentious debate indeed Linda,
    Some say it is a disease and others do not and both cite research to support their position. To make matters worse there are significant financial interests in various parties beleiving it is or it isn't.

    In other words no one really knows and we will probably not know for a long time because of the various political and financial agendas.

    However the bottom line for the problem drinker is to find out what works best for them. Some find AA very useful and some find it no use at all. Other find psychotherapy useful and others find it no use at all and the same for various medications for alcoholism.

    So in my work with them that is my approach - find what works and that may indeed vary over time for the same person.