Friday, December 23, 2011

The great road toll lie.

I can’t take the BS anymore. It’s all over the radio, TV and newspapers. The endless harping on about the danger on our roads over the festive season. The massive amount of money that is being given to the police to police our roads and apparently keep us safe.

The police commissioner announces that over this christmas and new year season 16 people will die from car accidents. That amounts to one ten thousandth of one percent of the population of this state. It is a minute threat to us. Even if you add in all the injured people it is still going to be a very tiny number. There are far more serious dangers particularly from cancer and heart disease and diabetes that will kill and injure us, than motor vehicle accidents.

Lady with car.

This amounts to a major mismanagement of public money by the government.



  1. In the United States, holidays imply more drunks on the roads. The state police increase patrol and local police sometimes put up road blocks and check each car for drugs and alcohol. For a fact, the increased attention causes certain people I know to stay home over the holidays - they don’t want to risk getting stopped. Maybe the police target holidays because there are more cars on the roads. Do you suppose increasing public awareness that traveling by car is riskier over the holidays makes some people more mindful when they are driving (at least during the holidays)? That would make an interesting study…maybe somebody has already conducted it.