Thursday, June 7, 2012

Temperament and racket

Below is a list of the nine innate feelings that occur in humans. Each basic feeling is followed by a list of derivative feelings that come from the basic feeling.
Sad - depressed, down, flat, melancholic, bored, gloomy, low, dull 
Scared - worried, nervous, frightened, anxious, terrified, trepidation 
Shame - disgust, embarrassment, disgraced, humiliation, degraded, humble
Happy - joyous, delighted, peaceful, playful, glee, contented, glad 
Love - affection, adoration, liking, fondness, friendly, intimate 
Grief - Loss, lamenting, mourning 
Despair - Vacuum, nothingness, hopeless, blank, desolation, numb 
Sexual - romantic, seductive, passionate, sexy, sensual, lustful, amorous 
Anger - fury, rage, resentful, rebellious, annoyance, hate, spite, sarcasm

Balance woman

Innate temperament can be conceptualized a number of ways. One is with the model of fight, flight or freeze. Children are born with these tendencies as a basic way to deal with problems and stress in life
The differing temperaments will result in a proclivity to have certain feelings and indeed develop particular racket feelings. These are listed below:
Fight - anger, sexual
Flight - scare,  shame
Freeze - scare, sad, despair

Cold swim
Freeze temperament?


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