Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life script analysis

Is there someone out there who wants me to analyse their life script?

If there is then you will have to do the the 'Bad day at black rock' exercise. To do this you have to
recall a scene from your early life in childhood (first 10 years of life if possible). The scene is an unpleasant event that is related to your family.

A time when something very bad happened and you were quite upset. Recall who was there and what were they doing, and saying (or not saying), and feeling.

Then I want you to draw a picture of that scene and I will then analyse it for you.

What is her life script?



  1. slippery when wet according to the sign in the shed.

  2. I don't know what her life script is.

    Is it ok if I have a go with the story drawing thing, or are you sick to death of me and hoping for someone else to come along and join in?

  3. That could be so kenoath, it could be so!


  4. I would be very interested to see your drawing Roses, so do draw it and let us have a look


  5. Tony,
    I maybe want to give this a go, but not sure if I have the right idea of what it is. My most vivid childhood memory involves my family in that I was yelling to my dad for help, but I don't even remember seeing him at all in my memory even though I must have since he came to the rescue. Would that be an appropriate topic for this?
    So he was very involved in things surounding the memory, but not specifically in my field of vision.

  6. Hello Major,

    All that is required is that you recall a early scene that was unpleasant for you. It was distressing for you in one way or another, and you draw a picture of it.

    from the three you have seen you can see that they vary considerably. You just draw what comes to your mind and not what others have drawn before you