Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life script analysis 3

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I was about 10 years old and was in the washroom doing some laundry with my sister. My mom was sitting at the table next to the kitchen. I heard this loud noise and lots of swearing and shouting. It was my dad in the garage. He came into the house from the garage and walked by my mom saying "F..." and "S..." to her. I looked up from the laundry as the door was open and I could see my dad walk into the door way. He saw me there and he picked up a telephone book and threw it at me. It hit my right shoulder so that it turned me around a bit. It hurt real bad. He then just walked off he didn't say anything or do anything more. I thought "That's weird". It was always so confusing. No one ever said what was going on. My sister said nothing, but I felt sorry for her and my mom said nothing. It was treated like it never even happened.

But I knew my dad hated me. He said many times that I looked like his father and he always hated his father. He was always so angry and he hated me so much. I knew he didn't want me. He told me that. I was unwanted and unlovable, so I wanted to die.


  1. Ouch! That would have hurt and been a really weird thing to happen - seemingly out of no-where!

    Thank you for sharing such an intimate memory with us.

    I don't understand though... why did you feel sorry for your sister? I mean... the book hit you didn't it?

  2. I am sorry roses that one does not come from me


  3. It's ok. I didn't think it came from you. I was asking the person who sent it in to you but I also understand if s/he doesn't respond to my question. I understand that they may not want to be known. Intimate stuff is... well... intimate I guess.

    I read the story and a question popped into my head and so I asked it. That's all. I don't need an answer as such.

    It's cold, windy and raining on and off here. Brrrr - i love it! Hope your day is behaving well too!

  4. Hello Roses,

    No its not cold here at all!!!!

    Nor is it raining.

    The author of this life script analysis will not be responding to your question my NSW friend. No computer.


  5. The detail in the drawing of the floor plan interests me. I know these questions won't be answered. But I find myself wondering why the mother is not in the drawing and why that tv is important enough to be labeled.

    Going off roses' question, maybe she feels sorry that the sister has to witness the dads rage?

  6. Or he. I meant to go back and make that more ambiguous but forgot.

  7. Hello Annalynn,

    I have seen maybe hundreds of such bad day drawings, we used them a lot in group therapy as well for many years. The floor plan style of this one is kind of a common way people do them as is your 'cartoon script' style where a story is told in a series of scenes. Roses drawing would be a more uncomon one at least in the way it is presented as it is a less of a story telling type of picture.

    Yes I think you make a good point in that mother is not drawn in this picture. I noticed that as well and it fits the dynamics of the family where she stayed in the background and the children had to deal with father directly. She did very little to protect them from him.

    That is a whole other area where I could examine these pictures in much more detail but it is not the purpose that I was wanting them for.

    For example in yours as Kahless pointed out there are no faces and with you there are no arms except for the last scene. Also where you say you can't breath is father choking you there?


  8. "No its not cold here at all!!!!"

    *Giggles* Sorry Tony, but that's a whole lot of exclaimation marks! I've sorry it's DEFINATELY NOT cold over there! Won't be long and it will be though.

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  9. Indeed he is choking me.
    Yeah, I thought about faces when I drew it but I have no idea what they were or even what they would be expressing. I mean I would imagine (in mine) the girl would be crying. Was she really crying at the time? I have no idea.

  10. So Annalynn,
    Some of the details are missing from you're memories? Is that what you mean? ie... you don't remember if you were crying or not in your black rock day event?

    I'm just asking you because... I can't remember all of my black rock day event either.

  11. Yeah, I think that's what I mean. It's just not there or I can't recall it.