Friday, March 18, 2011

The Parent contract and the no run contract (Part 1)

Here is another request.

A “No run” contract. I certainly have used this contract in the past, and it is that the client makes at least one more appointment before ending treatment. The motive behind it is that for some reason you want to lock the client in to this relationship. That maybe to close the escape hatch of running from a relationship when you feel reliance or for some other reason. The counsellor is seeking to increase the clients distress by not allowing them to ‘run’. Or indeed it may heighten a sense of security for the client. There could be a whole range of motives for a therapist to suggest such a contract to a client.

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  1. I am saying farewell to my therapist in the next two weeks. I have found it very difficult and broke off all contact for a long time and the time is nearly here for the handshakes and thank yous. I really dont know how I would react if they produced a No Run contract, not considered that at all and now I am uneasy as I was feeling Ok about it.

    Powerful stuff in all this

    Anon UK

  2. Hello Anon UK,

    From what I have seen few therapists use the on run contract or even know about it, so it is unlikely to be suggetsed. If it is you can always say, no.

    On occasion I have had clients come to me to do goodbye work on their previous therapist. I always thought that was a bit ironic and there was something not completely 'right' about that, but these things happen.

    Tony Oz

  3. Thanks Tony Oz

    Anon UK