Monday, March 21, 2011

Therapy venn diagram

Over here, Major did a venn diagram from the client’s perspective. I thought I would do one from the therapist's perspective.

Therapy venn diagram

It is interesting how things look different depending on your own perspective. Whilst I am only looking here at the client therapist relationship one could say the same of all human relationships. Is it really any wonder there can be mis-communication in relationships?

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  1. Nice diagram – I love a good picture. According to your diagram, as long as you never catch your client in a lie or he doesn’t admit lying to you, you can provide good therapy. What if the problem he comes to you with is that he lies all the time. Can therapy help somebody like that?

    The part of therapy that is not good, not bad, and not dangerous is the biggest part of all. Do you have anything to say about that part??

  2. Hi Tony, this diagram generalised to all relationships is the Jo-Hari Window.

  3. Thanks Evan,

    I didn't know about that window but as you say there are some similarities indeed. Interesting how one comes up with similar things.

    I suppose one difference is my green circle. And this is what I found interesting in Major's diagram. One does not often see this articulated by therapists. Most therapists would rename that circle

    Things I believe about the client but the client is in denial about.

    Obviously sometimes therapists get it wrong in their beliefs about the client and Major highlights this as she is coming from the client's perspective.