Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kahless script currency analysis


One and only ++
Reverse status ++
Drugs ++
Booze ++


Booze and drugs

Games: alcoholic, cops & robbers
Psychosexual stage: Oral
Lifestyle/occupation: Gourmet, wine taster, narc, temperance league, junkie
Illnesses: Gastrointestinal, oral problems
Therapist: Addiction counselling
Personality: Antisocial, schizoid, narcissistic
Issues: Can be more severe in terms of life threatening, despair rather than depression

Dont look

Tends to result from pre-verbal quite early problems with the primary attachment figure. Primary attachment figures may be emotionally absent in some way.

May have a tendency to move to a position of non life if not obviously self destructive. Stroke deprivation can result when the individual enters periods of incapacitation (non life) which may last many months.

Possibility of openly self destructive behaviour with the use of alcohol and drugs but also by other means as well. Possible suicidal urges.

The sophistication of smoking Peter Styvestant thins.

Quite amenable to psychotherapy but needs to find a good attachment figure in a therapist. If achieved then considerable psychological gains can result but it takes time.

Needs to structure life such that social isolation does not result even though there maybe a constant pull to that position.



  1. I guess I got my comments to what post mixed up!

    And I see you snook in a piccie of a smoker. Cool chick though. I like the sunnies, watch,belt and overall coolness!

    I have a coach at work whom I have been seeing for the last six or more months. When I saw him the other week, he sat back and commented that I was successful, bright, aware da de da de da, but something was missing. He thought maybe the self confidence. The conversation went round to thinking what was my payoff from my self doubt? Why do I and what do I gain? It was a good item to think about and I have no answer. Though I do think more likely was what was missing was my pull to non life. I am good at analysing what is going on around me and optimal paths forward. I just can't be bothered to do anything actively to step onto those paths.

    Btw, did I tell you that your choice of pictures for this post is cool....



  2. Yes Kahless,
    You should have had a relapse by now?

    I was hoping that picture might encourage you to.

    As you know I do know you somewhat Kahless, even seen the family photos!

    I would see that pull to non life as being an aspect of you



  3. No relapse Tony. And no relapse likely either; I feel much healthier. No more wheeze in my lungs. I bought myself a nice cool dude biker leather jacket on the money I would have smoked away.

    I agree an aspect of me is the pull to non life.

    Btw. Bank holiday tomorrow in the uk. Weather rubbish though. Won't stop raining.

  4. Darn Kahless!

    I will get you back smoking somehow.

    Take a photo of you new Fonzie jacket (See my new FB profile pic) and post it on your blog for us to see


  5. Sorry, I learnt that I smoke or not, for me alone so no outside influence will impact my resolve on that one.

    I didn't wash my hair today as no work. I am in London for a few days with work, so on my return I will get out my camera. In the meantime, I have a far better profile picture.