Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The suicidal process

In my book I discuss the seven main types of suicide decisions these being

If you don’t change I will kill myself
If things get too bad I will kill myself
I will show you even if it kills me
I will get you to kill me
I will kill myself by accident
I will almost die (over and over) to get you to love me
I will kill myself to hurt you

I recently wrote an article on the suicide note left by Adolf Hitler, here.

In the press there is currently a lot being said about events in Libya and the fate of Muammar Qaddafi.


These types of leaders provide some good insight into the nature of the suicidal person and how the life script progresses to its final conclusion. High profile political and military leaders who manoeuvre themselves into a position where they have no way left to turn. The difference between these and others is their moves and decisions get highly publicised and are the content of detailed analysis by historians. So one can get a much more complete understanding of what they did to end up at the point of suicide.

All these people at some point must violate the rights of large numbers of people which usually also involves killing large numbers of people. Once done then it is fairly safe to say that he has made the early decision of

1. If things get too bad I will kill myself, or
2. I will get you to kill me

These individuals would know that as soon as they do that then their life is now under significant threat from those on the other side of the political fence. They would know this prior to ordering such killings. They would also know that politics is a very fickle thing and that political power can change quickly. Prior to ordering such mistreatment they would know these two things.

Mask man

It seems safe to say that the situation these people voluntarily entered into indicates they are suicidal in some way. They are voluntarily behaving in such away that it is quite likely they will end up dead by either their own hand or by others and not be natural causes. They are voluntarily behaving in such a way that it is likely their life will be shortened which one could argue is a suicidal act.

With Hitler it was
If things get too bad I will kill myself

and he killed himself

With Saddam Hussein it was
I will get you to kill me

and he got the state to kill him.

With Muammar Qaddafi we will find out what happens. If things progress where his political power is finally gone completely then he is left in the position to carry out the final scene of his suicidal life script. It is very likely that he will die by his own hand or others and not of natural causes.

Hand stand

Each of us on this planet have our own field of influence. We live in a community of some kind whether that be one or two friends, a family, a small community or an entire nation. From a psychological point of view there is no difference between these people. The person who kills his wife in DV (where the death penalty exists) to the person who kills thousands in his own country.

Psychologically there is no difference they are simply constructing their life circumstances such that the early suicide decision can be carried out in the end. There is much hype surrounding powerful political leaders that one tends to forget they are just an individual. Once upon a time he was a little boy with his mother and father who did whatever they did and he made a suicide decision early in life. He then sets about constructing life circumstances such that his suicide life script is played out. That can involve one or two others or millions of others, but psychologically there is no difference between the two.


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