Saturday, August 27, 2011

Linda life script currency analysis


Uniqueness +++
One and Only na
Tears and Feelings na
Sex + 
Violence n/a 
Pied Piper n/a
Drugs n/a
Booze n/a
Food +
Power na
Reverse Status ++
Words +++
Money ++
Beauty ++


Games: Psychiatry, Greenhouse
Psychosexual stage: Anal or possible oral
Lifestyle/occupation: Lawyer, politician, writer, journalist, orator, salesman, psychotherapist, debater
Illnesses: Elective mutism, migraines, neck/shoulder pain,
Therapist: Intellectual therapies are attractive
Personality: Obsessive compulsive, paranoid

Ladies in raincoats

These people are sometimes said to be “Dead from the neck down”. They retreat to the safety of thinking and thus there can be a mind body split. Out of touch with their body and thus one can have eating disorders or various forms of self harming. Out of touch with what their body is saying and thus detached from part of the Free Child.

Retreat to intellectualisation so as to hide from feelings (at least some of the painful ones).


Need to access the Free Child in therapy. The Free Child has gone into hiding for some very good reason and accessing it will bring up those reasons which may be quite distressing.

Body therapies might be an idea to deal with the mind body split. Physical contact needed as there may also be a history of prolonged stroke deprivation.

If it is a reflection of oral stage issues there could be obvious suicidal or self destructive impulses or more subliminal self destuctive impulses displayed through such things as alcohol abuse, chronic cigarette smoking or severe eating problems.


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  1. Thanks for this interesting analysis. There are a number of things I can certainly relate to and have tackled in therapy. Especially the mind and body thing. That is something that was often discussed.

    When these are all put in the analytical form it kind of makes sense why being a human being functioning on a daily basis is not that easy for the damaged ones.