Friday, September 2, 2011

Di life script currency analysis


One and Only ++
Feelings +
Power +
Sex ++
Beauty +
Booze ++
Food +++
Violence +
Words ++


Games - Obesity, anorexia, bulimia
Stage - Oral
Lifestyle/occupation - body builder, dietician, cook, calorie counting, mother
Illness - stomach problems, mouth ulcers, IBS,
Therapist - eating disorders, weight loss counselling, alcohol/drug/cigarette counselling
Personality - Schizoid, borderline, antisocial, narcissistic
Issues - can life and death, control, sexual avoidance issues.

Peasants at maccas

As this is an oral issue stage the consequences can vary considerably. Some who have an oral stage fixation can have few difficulties at all and have a work life like Jamie Oliver. On the other hand there can be very real life and death issues. This can result from over eating, under eating or highly restrictive diets and exercise regimes that can be dangerous. Or drug issues like alcohol and cigarette addictions can all result from oral stage fixations.

In females there can be issues around sex. Sometimes (but not all ways) the anorexic woman is protecting herself from sex (and a sexual relationship) by making herself unattractive to males and trying to make herself prepubescent again. The overweight woman may be also trying to make herself unattractive to males so as to avoid sex.

Cigar smoking

Dependency in relationships can be problematic. The two extremes by either being overly dependent on others or never being dependent on others. Oral stage issues can respond well to therapy and can include working out the relationship dependency issues in the transference with the therapist.


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