Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fantasy and meditative anger work

Anger work or the cathartic release of anger in therapy is a contentious issue. Some actively support it and others see it is a retrograde step that will just lead to more anger and violence. There are many ways to release anger in therapy ranging from the quite mild to restrained rage work on a mat.

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Fantasy anger work is an interesting procedure and somewhat of a contradiction. In terms of cathartic release it is the mildest of all in that the person writes down or draws pictures of them self being angry. On the other hand it can be of a very violent and aggressive quality unlike any other type of anger work. Indeed it is limitless in its aggression and violence and people can do this type of anger work and think of things that are murderous and so forth. So on the one hand it is a very mild cathartic release of anger but at the same time it can be highly aggressive and violent.

Below is a statement of this type of anger work. After that is a paper sent to me recently by a friend. It uses a meditative or guided fantasy type of anger work. I have not seen this before in this way and adds an interesting addition to the area of anger work in psychotherapy.

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Meditate Jpeg.


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