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Self medicating ADD with marijuana

ADD self medication

Uxma Javaid B said.

Great observation Tony I would like to share my observation here that Marijuana is not just effective in ADHD but also for those who suffer from Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder, they also tend to use some form of drugs (smoking, marijuana are more in use) to subside their symptoms and interestingly they get benefit from such drug use (feel more calmer and thought process in control). Marijuana (a mind-bender drug) has some significant properties which slower our thought process and gives us a temporary sense of calmness. People learn to use these drugs for their benefit through experimentation or on a friend's recommendation. It seems a perfect remedy for such psychiatric illnesses thus far.

But the other side of the fact is that illicit drugs do have a great susceptibility for addiction. The person can go into double jeopardy if he also has a predisposition to addiction along with a psychiatric illness such as ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder or Depression. It's not very uncommon for professionals to treat Dual Diagnosis at Rehabs.

So, it's being wise not to use marijuana or other illicit drugs to self-medicate one self for any Psychiatric illness. People should take proper medication suggested by health care professionals (Doctors, Psychiatrists) to get long term benefits.

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I replied

Thank you for your good comments Uxma and I would agree with you that some sufferers of schizophrenia do report a lessening of their symptoms after smoking cannabis.

I also think you make a good point that illicit drugs do have a susceptibility for addiction and the process of self medicating is a hazardous on indeed and one I do not suggest to anyone as using properly prescribed medications does seem the best path. Having said that one must also be aware that plenty of legal prescriptions drugs are quite addictive as well.

Also some times it is difficult path for the drug counsellor to walk. The client I talk about in my statement I have not suggested he go and get prescription drugs for his ADHD which in Australia would be dexamphetamines. He knows about this any way himself, but I have not encouraged it because I know what is likely to happen. It will just add one more addictive drug (dexamphetamine) into the cocktail of drugs that he already uses. He is unlikely to stop smoking marijuana and he would just also start taking dexamphetamines which also are very easy drugs to sell on the black market which he could then start doing to get more money to by his marijuana.

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