Friday, June 28, 2013

Two book reviews

Tony White, 2012
Working with Drug and Alcohol Users, London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

This is one of those reviews that are more about the reviewer than the book. At least the first 50% is about him and his woes. The person at error here is the book review editor of the British Journal of Social Work. He/she should not have allowed the review to be included as is. A book review is meant to be a review of a book. In this ‘review’ the book does not even get mentioned until over half the way through. The first half should be in a letter to the editor section of the British Journal of Social Work not in the book review section of the journal.

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At one point he states:
“Those of you familiar with the issues surrounding this topic will find little here but the basics—however, skip the first three chapters and you will be rewarded with an unusual and engaging account of the use of TA in this field.”

The book is written for the social work student and hence we have some of the basics. I could write a book for the experienced drug and alcohol counsellor which would be more relevant to him but then that book would be of little use to the student. 

However there are some interesting comments made.

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Second review by Bruce Ritson.
Review of drug and alcohol use book


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